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  • Safety and Savings Plan


  • Go the Extra Mile with the Safety and Savings Plan from Force Electric!

    Sometimes, all the repairs and maintenance you need for the things in your home or small business can pile up unexpectedly, and the costs associated with them aren’t any fun to deal with. Luckily, those extravagant bills can become something you no longer need to be stuck with if you join Force Electric’s Safety and Savings Plan!

    Become one of our valued club members, and you’ll receive the following benefits unavailable to anyone else:

    • Priority Service
    • Discounts on Repairs
    • Discounts on Products
    • Warranties on Services Provided
    • Annual Inspections
    • No Service Charges
    • No Dispatch Fees
    • Red Carpet Treatment: Our technicians will wear shoe covers when performing a job, and they’ll leave your home or business cleaner than they found it!
    • Unadvertised Specials you won’t find out about any other way!

    Learn more about all the benefits you can receive by joining the Safety and Savings Plan by calling Force Electric at 250-517-0836 today!