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  • Smoke Detector


  • Let Force Electric Install Brand-New Smoke Detectors to Keep Your Home Safe

    They’re everywhere, it seems like, and more often than not they annoy you rather than protect you. Smoke alarms tend to be irritating, because they’re always beeping when you cook something a little too long on the stove rather than alert you to an impending house fire. However, despite being more of a nuisance than an aid, these little devices can save your life.

    Since we would prefer not to deal with smoke detectors most of the time, they can often go neglected for an extended period. You’re supposed to replace them every 10 years and test them once a month, so the maintenance schedule isn’t too rigorous. That said, since we like to ignore them, these tasks can fall by the wayside. And should a situation strike where a smoke detector would be the difference between a raging fire or a wisp of smoke, you’ll be glad you had yours checked and maintained.

    Force Electric will be right there with you, every step of the way, to aid you in making sure your home is properly prepared for whatever comes. Our electricians can inspect your smoke and CO detectors to make sure they’re working correctly.
    Our service doesn’t stop there. We can recommend certain types of detectors that would best suit you and your home, because every situation is different. What would offer the best protection to some people wouldn’t be as effective in other areas, so we’d complete a thorough evaluation of your home or small business to determine the best course of action.

    For the most reliable electrical service in the Salmon Arm area, give Force Electric a call at 250-517-0836!