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  • Interior Lighting


  • Expert Indoor Lighting Services

    When you’re ready to shake things up and introduce a brand new aesthetic to your home, few things are as effective as adding a new lighting setup to the interior. It can highlight certain features you want to show off, improve the mood, and change the entire vibe of whatever rooms you’ve affected.

    Force Electric is your go-to service provider when you’re looking for an interior lighting expert. Our electricians are thoroughly trained in the latest interior lighting trends and styles.

    Kitchen Lighting

    The options to turn your kitchen into a lighting wonderland are endless. Recessed lighting under the cabinets, pendant lights hanging over the table or island, and customizable lighting intensities are all options you have to turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Whatever you choose, we’ve got the know-how to get it done!

    Track Lighting

    Sometimes, you’ve decided to spotlight a particular feature but aren’t quite sure if it’s going to be a permanent fixture. Track lighting allows you the freedom to add, remove or adjust the lights you put on something without having to rip them out of the wall. Force Electric can install the track and lights for you, and we’ll show you how to customize it to your liking, should your mind change later on.

    Upgrades and Additions

    If you’re just looking to add something new to what you’ve already got installed or you’re feeling like a newer, fresher look is in order, we’ve got what you’re looking for as well. Our team will discuss your vision and figure out the best way to execute it, so your home will be exactly what you’ve imagined.

    For all your interior lighting needs, don’t waste your time looking somewhere else! Call Force Electric at 250-517-0836 for the most reliable service around!