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  • Electrical Safety Inspections


  • Don’t Let Your Home’s Circuitry Pose a Risk Without You Knowing It: Have a Safety Inspection Performed

    As we continue progressing in terms of technology, the number of electronics in our homes steadily increases. While this adds convenience and makes upgrading appliances and equipment much easier, it also means we’re giving the home’s circuitry more and more responsibility. That’s a recipe for danger, especially if you haven’t had the wiring checked in a while.

    If you go too long without having a safety inspection performed, then there’s a chance you might be putting more strain on your home than it can bear. Instead of guessing and hoping that you’re not at risk, let Force Electric come inspect everything to ensure that you aren’t.

    Even if you aren’t immediately at risk of sparking a fire or overloading a circuit, an inspection by one of our experienced electricians will mean that any potential problems are identified and remedied. That will prevent anything from growing into a more serious issue, meaning you won’t be caught off-guard by something that could’ve been prevented well in advance.

    Having Force Electric inspect your home or small business doesn’t mean you’re going to be saddled with unnecessary repairs, either. We’ll never point out anything unless it’s clearly problematic. If we spot anything troublesome, we’ll only recommend what’s necessary to correct it and keep you safe. Don’t wait around until it’s too late! Even if the electrical system is functioning perfectly, you’ll have great peace of mind knowing you aren’t playing with fire by continuing to add things to the electrical grid.

    For the most comprehensive electrical safety inspections in the Salmon Arm area, call Force Electric at 250-517-0836 and schedule one today!