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    Force Electric: Proudly Serving Our Sorrento Neighbors

    Few things are as irritating as a recurring electrical problem. Maybe you’re exhausted from having to make yet another trip to the basement to reset a tripped breaker, or perhaps there’s a problematic outlet that just can’t decide if it wants to work or not. The only thing that could be more irritating might be dealing with an electrician who doesn’t want to cooperate. Well, don’t worry about that any longer, because Force Electric is here to make sure you receive the best service in Sorrento.

    Our electricians have the savvy and technical know-how to identify and solve just about any problem you run into, and they’ll get it done with a cheery smile on their face. Worried about a careless technician who tracks dirt around your home and leaves a mess? Don’t be. Force Electric ensures the space is left cleaner than when we found it, and the only difference you’ll notice is that your problem has been fixed!

    Here are the services we’re proud to offer our Sorrento neighbors:

    • Ceiling Fan Repair and Installation
    • Whole-Home Surge Protection
    • Electrical Troubleshooting
    • Wiring and Rewiring
    • Interior Lighting
    • Outlet/Switch Repair
    • Electrical Safety Inspections
    • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation
    • And More!

    Don’t worry about calling us because you’re concerned that we’ll upsell you on useless features and additions. What you need is what we’ll suggest, nothing more and nothing less. We value our customers’ trust and loyalty, and we’d never do anything to damage that. When we help our Sorrento neighbors, we’re treating them like family, and that relationship is how we approach our business.

    The search for a reliable electrician can end, once and for all. Let Force Electric handle your next short-circuit or rewiring job and you’ll understand why we’re Sorrento’s most trustworthy service provider.

    Give us a call at 250-517-0836 and schedule an appointment today!